MRI Prostate Screening

We understand that a diagnosis of prostate cancer can bring with it a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Our experts strive to give you the most accurate diagnosis possible using the latest technology. We want you to feel confident about your next step, whether it’s active surveillance for your disease or starting treatment.

We offer the most-advanced detection tests to pinpoint evidence of the disease and determine whether it has spread outside the prostate. We can also help you better understand your risk for developing prostate cancer.

Two tests commonly used to screen for prostate cancer are the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and the digital rectal exam (DRE). But neither test, either alone or in combination, can give you a certain diagnosis of prostate cancer. 

Current standard for diagnosis:

  • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test
  • DRE (Digital Rectal Exam)
  • If DRE finding or PSA level is abnormal a TRUS (transrectal ultrasound guided) biopsy is recommended
  • Follow up for Negative Biopsies is repeating the PSA test periodically.

Finding cancer early means treatment begins earlier — contact your physician to schedule your annual prostate edge screening, diagnosis and 

Are you a candidate for prostate MRI and MR/ultrasound fusion biopsy?

  • Patients with elevated Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) level >4 
  • Negative prior trans-rectal Ultrasound-guided biopsy with continued elevation or rising PSA 
  • Positive digital rectal examination with negative trans-rectal Ultrasound-guided biopsy

Prostate cancer facts*

  • According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common cancer, other than skin cancer, in American men
  • One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime compared to one out of eight women developing breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men behind lung cancer
  • As of March 2016 there has been an estimated 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer and 26,120 deaths reported.

*American Cancer Society, 2013

A new option

MR/US guided biopsyMR/ultrasound (US) guided biopsies are a new option for patients with negative TRUS biopsy with continued elevated or rising PSA or positive DRE.
MR/US fusion:

  • A new choice MR/ultrasound biopsy is poised to become the new standard in prostate care. This technique fuses pre-biopsy MR images of the prostate with ultrasound-guided biopsy images in real time, for excellent delineation of the prostate and suspicious lesions.

Speak to your Urologist to find the solution that meets your needs.

Benefits of MR/US fusion-guided prostate biopsy:

  • Prostate MR images taken can potentially identify specific areas within the gland that are suspicious and require further evaluation. Performing biopsy with MR/US fusion holds the potential to target the suspicious areas, reduce the number of tissue samples acquired, and thus may reduce risk of infection, bleeding, pain and recovery time.

What else should I know? 

To schedule an appointment, please call 812.473.1111 . Speak to your primary care physician or your urologist if you believe that you may benefit from prostate MRI and MR/ ultrasound fusion biopsy.

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