St. Vincent Sleep Disorders Center

At the St. Vincent Sleep Disorders Center we have been performing sleep studies for more than a quarter of a century and were the first sleep center in the region to obtain accreditation from the AASM (Amercian Academy of Sleep Medicine) and has been re-accredited through 2017.

Sleep studies are performed five nights per week, and daytime testing is available for night shift workers. Patients of all ages are eligible.

Our facility is designed for your comfort, with attractive and well-equipped rooms, Tempur-Pedic mattresses and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Our experienced staff includes two board certified physicians, nurses, registered polysomnography technicians and respiratory therapists.

We Can Help Diagnose Your Sleep Problem

Do you have a sleep disorder?

The following questions may be helpful in deciding if you need to talk with your physician about your sleep problem(s):

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you feel well rested after a full night's sleep?
  • Does it generally take you more than a half-hour to fall asleep at bedtime?
  • Do you wake up often during the night and have difficulty going back to sleep?
  • Do you find yourself “nodding off” during the day?
  • Have you had accidents or near-accidents because you were drowsy?
  • Have you fallen asleep during meetings or at other times when you didn’t intend to do so?
  • Do you kick or jerk your arms or legs in your sleep throughout the night?
  • Do you snore loudly?
  • Do you have long pauses in your breathing during sleep?
  • Do you walk in your sleep?
  • Do you feel irritable or have trouble concentrating during the day?

Types of Sleep Disorders

Of the more than 80 known sleep disorders, the most common problems seen in our clinic are:

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