Respiratory & Pulmonary Care

If you've been diagnosed with a lung condition, you'll find treatments to help you breathe easier through St. Vincent Medical Group | Pulmonary. Our physician practice offices are located at St. Vincent Center for Advanced Medicine. Physicians also schedule appointments two days a month in the Outreach Clinic at St. Vincent Warrick Hospital in Boonville, Indiana, for added convenience.

Please ask your primary care physician for a referral before calling to schedule an appointment with one of our pulmonary specialists.

Conditions We Treat

Our team of pulmonologists and respiratory therapists is experienced in treating all lung and breathing conditions, including:

Early Detection of Lung Disease and Lung Cancer

St. Vincent has the advanced technologies that can detect lung disease or lung cancer sooner – even before symptoms are present. An early diagnosis may give you more enhanced treatment options.

Your pulmonologist may recommend one of the following procedures to diagnose or assess a possible lung condition:

Our Lung Nodule Clinic is dedicated to improving lung cancer survival through early detection. Learn more about St. Vincent comprehensive approach to lung cancer care.

Information for Patients

Learn more about the procedures and services provided by St. Vincent Medical Group | Pulmonary.

Respiratory Therapy

Your treatment plan may include respiratory therapy. Your respiratory therapist may:

  • Perform tests to help your physician diagnose, manage and/or treat a condition
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment
  • Evaluate the effects of any non-pulmonary conditions on cardiopulmonary function

Your respiratory therapist works under the direction of your physician.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Your doctor may order one or more pulmonary function tests to assess your condition. Pulmonary function tests can take an hour or longer to complete. The results may explain:

  • Why you have a hard time breathing
  • What type of lung problem you have and how far it has progressed
  • How smoking may have affected your lungs
  • If you are at risk for breathing problems while under general anesthesia

You'll be asked to do the following to prepare for the test:

  • Stop smoking for six hours before the test, or stop as directed
  • Stop taking your breathing medication six hours before the test, or stop as directed
  • Avoid caffeine for four hours prior to the test
  • Eat only a light meal and limit fluids a few hours before the exam
  • Wear loose clothes that don't restrict your breathing

If you use a spacer or holding chamber with your inhaler, bring the spacer or holding chamber with you. It's very important to follow your doctor's instructions for testing. One or more of the tests may need to be canceled if you don't.

Before your tests begin, please tell the respiratory therapist about any of the following:

  • Medications you use, including inhalers and over-the-counter items such as vitamins and herbs
  • Allergies to latex, tape or any medications
  • Health problems, such as heart disease, as well as any surgeries
  • Recent illnesses such as a chest cold or bronchitis
  • History of smoking, including how many years you have smoked, how many packs per day and when you smoked your last cigarette

You may return to your normal diet and activity after testing. If you had to skip medications before testing, ask your doctor when you can start taking them again. You'll review the test results with your doctor at your next appointment.

Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation

If you have a chronic respiratory condition or undergo lung surgery, your doctor may recommend our outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program.

In outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation, you'll work with specialized doctors, nurses and exercise physiologists to improve your endurance, muscle strength and ability to live a full, active lifestyle. Other poential benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation can be a decrease in the severity of your illness and fewer hospitalizations.

You'll attend classes where you'll:

  • Perform aerobic and strength training exercises
  • Learn how to recognize and control your symptoms
  • Learn about:
    • Lung disease
    • Breathing techniques
    • Anatomy and physiology of the lungs
    • Nutrition
    • Energy conservation
    • How to manage stress and depression
    • How to stop smoking
    • Heart failure

Classes last about an hour and take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your rehabilitation program will last from four to 12 weeks, depending on your needs and progress. The program has three phases. Phase III is a maintenance program and is not covered by insurance, but we recommend it to help you continue regular exercise. The cost for Phase III is:

  • $40 per month for three days a week
  • $30 per month for two days a week

A physician referral is required. Many insurance companies cover most or all of the cost. We can assist you with insurance verification. For more information about our pulmonary rehabilitation services, please call 812.485.5230.

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation program was the first in the Tri-State area to become certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR), and we remain the only certified pulmonary rehabilitation program in the area.  We provide the highest quality of compassionate pulmonary care in a safe environment that will help you recover faster.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Group

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Group offers ongoing educational and social opportunities for adults with diagnosed lung disease. These activities are also open to family members and others interested in learning about lung disease. Activities include:

  • Social gatherings
  • Harmonica playing
  • Guest speakers
  • Presentations
  • Refreshments

Group meetings are free and open to the public on the first Wednesday of March, June, September and December from noon to 1 p.m. in the Cardiac Conference Room on the second floor of St. Vincent Center for Advanced Medicine. For more information, please call St. Vincent Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department at 812.485.5230.

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