Baby-Friendly Designated

St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children is Baby-Friendly!

St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children was recently designated as a Baby-Friendly Hospital by Baby-Friendly USA, Inc. This prestigious designation means that we are prepared to help you and your new baby have the best possible start.

What is a Baby-Friendly Hospital?

Baby-Friendly Hospitals are recognized for their outstanding maternity care practices that follow current evidence-based research for infant nutrition and mother/baby care. Through practices like skin-to-skin, rooming-in and focused education and support on feeding your baby, we are here to ensure your family experience with St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children is outstanding and provides you the support you need for your new family. It is important to share that Baby-Friendly Hospitals support all mothers no matter how they choose to feed their baby! All levels of staff at St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children are specially trained to provide your family with the information, confidence and skills you need to successfully begin and continue breastfeeding or to safely feed formula.

Does St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children still have a baby nursery?

Yes! Although we encourage rooming-in (the practice of keeping healthy babies with their mothers as many hours of their hospital stay as possible) we still have staff who are able to care for your baby away from your room if needed. It’s important to us that you are supported if you decide you need some time alone.

Do I have to breastfeed if I deliver my baby at St. Vincent?

No. Baby-Friendly Hospitals work hard to provide you the education you need about both breastfeeding and formula feeding so you can make a well-informed decision on what your nutritional goals will be for your baby. Our goals are to provide an atmosphere that promotes, protects and supports successful breastfeeding, to promote better bonding and to help teach the proper way to mix formula and start bottle-led feedings if you choose. 

What kind of support do you provide for breastfeeding mothers?

We support our moms in a wide variety of ways: 

  • All our maternity staff has been educated and trained to support a breastfeeding mother in her goal to successfully breastfeed. 
  • We also provide highly skilled lactation consultants to answer your questions, provide support and to serve as resource for you while you are in the hospital and after you go home. 
  • Our lactation department provides inpatient support at the bedside, follow-up phone calls when going home and outpatient visits if you have questions or are having difficulties while at home. 
  • Breastfeeding classes are available to help you prepare and gain confidence before your baby arrives.
  • Our breastfeeding support group offers weekly weight checks and the support of other breastfeeding mothers.


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