Pediatric Feeding Program

A feeding disorder can be one of the most threatening conditions to a child’s healthy development. Feeding problems become even more complex when the child also has a history of medical, oral-motor sensory and behavioral difficulties. Without appropriate treatment, their problems may lead to delays in learning, growth and activity.

St. Vincent Feeding Program

At St. Vincent Center for Children we diagnose and treat feeding disorders with a collaborative approach.

Our unique Pediatric Feeding Program offers a continuum of care to meet the needs of patients and families and can treat children with minor issues to complex feeding disorders. A collaborative approach by a team of specialists will determine the most appropriate treatment plan which may include regular team follow up, outpatient therapy or intensive day therapy.

Unique Approach to Treating Feeding Problems

St. Vincent Feeding Program uses a unique model (TR-eat®) that helps patients learn more efficient and useful skills that directly impact their eating abilities. This approach focuses on family-centered care, through support, education and training, as well as close collaboration with professionals. Overall, the program has proven to be very effective, giving our young patients a chance at better nutrition and growth.

The model is collaborative with all team members, including family, working together, rather than the child being seen separately by consulting disciplines to ensure the most consistent, high-quality care.

To evaluate what services will best meet a child's needs, children are first seen by appointment to assess medical, oral-motor, sensory nutritional and behavioral problems while observing eating patterns.

Children with moderate to severe medical problems who are medically stable are admitted to the day patient program. Intensive services are also available on an inpatient basis when a child's acuity level requires this level of care. Children with mild to moderate feeding problems are admitted to the outpatient program.

Our complete range of feeding disorder services includes:

  • Team based Assessment and Consultation Clinic
  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Outpatient Feeding Therapy services 1 – 2 times a week
  • Intensive Day Treatment Program with four therapeutic meals per day
  • Inpatient consultation for medically fragile children
  • Ronald McDonald House adjacent to St. Vincent campus (should overnight accommodations be necessary)

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