Heart Patient Stories

At St. Vincent, our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Read some of their success stories.

Zach Kincaide

Photo of Zach KincaideBefore his ablation, Zach Kincaide’s atrial fibrillation affected many areas in his life. He made note of hospital signs when traveling so he would always know where to go if he needed help. His last wishes were written on a note that he kept in his pocket. Although he enjoys attending vintage car shows, he stayed home more and traveled less.

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Tim Lowe

Photo of Tim LoweShortness of breath and an erratic heartbeat plagued Tim Lowe and sent him looking for a physician who could help him regain his life and the freedom to do the activities he loves.

Read Tim’s story

Darla Speer

Image of Darla SpeerSudden, fast heartbeats for no apparent reason plagued Darla Speer for several years. At other times she would feel a very weak moment, almost like she was about to faint. When the episodes started happening more frequently and reached four in two weeks, Darla made an appointment with a St. Vincent doctor.

Read Darla’s story

Caden Batts

Image of CadenBefore he was even born, Caden Batts was scheduled for heart surgery. During a routine ultrasound, Caden’s mother Amanda learned her unborn child had an issue with his heart.

Read Caden’s story

Sherry Stute

Image of Sherry Stute“Lucky” isn’t a word people who’ve had a heart attack typically use to describe themselves. But Sherry Stute’s experience was anything but typical.

Read Sherry’s story


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