Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit

The state-of-the-art Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU) is offered at St. Vincent. The eight-bed unit is designed specifically for surgical or trauma patients who require continuous care, observation and/or therapy not available outside an intensive care setting.

The unit is the result of two years of planning, with considerable input from a variety of healthcare specialties including physicians, nurses, physical, respiratory and occupational therapists. The unit is designed to create the best environment for the patient, physician, and nurse.

St. Vincent is one of the first 20 hospitals nationwide that uses a Latitude arm system for monitoring patients. The system's flexible design means the bed can be placed wherever it makes the most sense -- against the wall, away from the wall, toward the hallway or window. The Latitude system allows caregivers to set up the arm configuration exactly as needed for gas, electric, and accessory access.

Electronic brakes create a safer, quieter environment. The latest computer technology and monitoring capabilities completes the suite of advancements seen in this unit.

Because of the complex needs of the intensive care patient, St. Vincent provides a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, critical care nurses, therapists, social workers and pastoral care. Relationship Based Care is the professional model of nursing care at St. Vincent, and places the patient and family at the center of care.


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