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Commission on Cancer Accredited Program logoWhen it comes to your breast health, don't put things off. St. Vincent Breast Center treats each woman with patience and compassion, offering a full range of advanced breast screenings. It is our goal to provide you with a positive and relaxed experience – whether you're here for a mammogram or one of our other specialized breast health services.

The Breast Center's caring staff and comforting environment create an ambiance that eases the apprehension associated with women's health issues. From imaging and diagnosis, to surgery consultation and recovery, women can receive all their breast health services at one convenient location.

And our specially trained physicians are the only board-certified radiologists in the area who specialize exclusively in reading breast imaging. St. Vincent Breast Center has also achieved a three-year accreditation designation from the American College of Surgeons' National Accreditation Program for Breast Center (NAPBC).

The Breast Center offers:

Results During Your Appointment

No one likes to wait. And waiting for our mammogram results can be especially stressful. That's why St. Vincent Breast Center offers results during your appointment.

Every patient has the opportunity to meet with one of our board-certified breast radiologists, who will analyze and discuss your results almost immediately following your 3D mammogram.

And, if any follow-up care is needed, like biopsy or breast ultrasound, you can make necessary appointments and may even undergo additional testing before you ever go home.

Waiting anxiously for test results can make minutes seem like hours. We understand. So now you can know - then go - and worry less with fast and accurate 3D mammography results from St. Vincent.

Digital 3D Mammograms

St. Vincent Breast Center was the first facility in Evansville to offer digital mammography, which is proven to be a superior technology in early detection of breast cancer. We are pleased to also now offer access to tomosynthesis - 3D digital mammography.

3D mammography is done in conjunction with traditional 2D digital mammography. This picture allows our specialized breast radiologists to see tissues in greater detail, which results in greater accuracy and a better likelihood of detection and reduces the need to for additional exams or biopsies.

And our Computer Aided Detection program acts like an extra pair of eyes, assisting in the detection of breast cancer and flagging suspicious areas for further review by our radiologists.

Breast Ultrasound

Because ultrasound images are captured in real time, they can show the structure and movement of the body's internal organs as well as blood flowing through the blood vessels.

Breast ultrasound can be used as a screening tool for women who:

  • Are at high risk for breast cancer and unable to tolerate an MRI examination
  • Are at intermediate risk for breast cancer based family history, personal history of breast cancer or prior biopsy showing an abnormal result
  • Have dense breasts
  • Have breast implants
  • Are pregnant and should not be exposed to X-rays

SonoCine Technology

SonoCine technology is an automated breast ultrasound system that can detect cancer early in women with dense breasts.

St. Vincent is the only facility in Evansville to offer this technology. The SonoCine finds cancers that traditional mammography may not detect, especially in women with dense breasts. About 40% of women are classified as having dense breasts.

With traditional mammograms, cancer appears white against the dark background of fatty breast tissue. However, dense breasts appear white in the background, making the cancer difficult to see. SonoCine uses sophisticated robotic technology to perform and record the ultrasound scan, creating a motion picture effect. Since the human mind is programmed to see and analyze moving objects, it is easier to distinguish the cancers from the normal tissue.

Because the SonoCine finds cancers earlier while they are still small, treatment is easier, and lives are saved.

Mobile Mammography

At St. Vincent Breast Center, we understand the needs of women. It's why we've expanded our digital mammography service to be available at convenient locations throughout the Tri-State. This means the high-quality digital mammography services and the exceptional patient experience that are the hallmark of St. Vincent Breast Center are now available to you with more convenience and even less wait time.

And you can rest assured knowing your mammogram will still be reviewed by one of our board-certified breast radiologists.

Mobile mammography is available at sites across Evansville and also in Henderson, Spencer, Warrick and Gibson counties. Call the Breast Center today for more details.

Bone Density Testing

St. Vincent Breast Center offer state-of-the-art bone density testing, which takes a three-point assessment of bone, fat and lean tissue in a single exam. A bone density test is the best way to determine your bone health, helping to identify osteoporosis, determine your risk for fractures and measure your response to osteoporosis treatment.

Bone density testing at St. Vincent:

  • Provides physicians with unprecedented image quality with precision and accuracy
  • Detects osteoporosis more accurately and earlier in the disease process
  • Obtains crisp, high resolution images of all skeletal sites, revealing vertebral deformities never seen before
  • Provides accurate measurements that are free from error, every time
  • Our advanced technology allows physicians to detect change faster than ever before by offering extremely precise measurement of the bone, allowing physicians to track changes that had previously been too minor to detect.

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