Language Services

Language Services are available for those who do not speak English. Medically certified language interpreters and over the phone interpreter services are available. The following documents have been translated into Spanish to enhance the experience of our patients at St. Vincent.

Translated Documents for Adult Patients

Document Number Document Title
8680-42 Advanced Directives
unassigned Appointment of Healthcare Representative
6086-44 Authorization to Release Information
8700-26 Authorization to Release Protected Health Information
6160-28 Baby Care
6086-61 Baby Discharge Teaching Checklist
unassigned Call Center Resource Page
8755-25 Catheter Associated Bloodstream Infection
8755-23 Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection
unassigned Chemo Brochure
6086-124 Circumcision Procedure Consent Form
8755-21 Clostridium Difficile
8560-26 Content Admission - St. Vincent Evansville
SMWH-69 Content Admission - St. Vincent Warrick
8720-175 Consent for HIV Antibody Test
8720-167 Consent to Operation Procedure
Surgicare-24 Consent for Surgery
8720-204 Consent to Transfusion of Blood
unassigned Dental Care Packet
7030-07 Discharge Instructions
7170-231 Enoxaparin Teaching Guide
unassigned Flu Sign
8676-15 Financial Evaluation and Letter
unassigned Health Care Representative Appointment
unassigned Home Exercise Program Cover
7238-18 Immunization Consent Form
unassigned Living Will Declaration
unassigned Medical Summary List Form
unassigned Medication Tracking Form
unassigned Mobile Dental Sign Up Packet
8755-19 MRSA
unassigned Notice of Privacy Practices
unassigned Pain Scale
7010-139 Patient Agreement for the Administration of Nitrous Oxide
7992-87 Patient Registration Form, Physician Network
8795-03 Patient Rights and Responsibilities Brochure
unassigned Patient Rights and Responsibilities Poster
unassigned Pertussis Poster
8125-05 Post Chemotherapy Home Instructions
6086-111 Post Delivery Care
6086-121 Release of Responsibility for Around the Clock Visitation
Video Sleep Apnea Video
8750-34 Speak Up Brochure
unassigned Speech Oral Motor Exercise
8755-16 Surgical Site Infections
unassigned Surgicare Brochure
unassigned Surgicare Dental Form
7200-192 Total Hip Exercise Program
7200-191 Total Knee Exercise Program
8755-13 Ventilator - Associated Pneumonia
7170-230 Warfarin Teaching Guide
7305-03 Well Being (Level of Distress) Screening

Translated Documents for Children Patients


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