Podiatric Residency - Teaching Comprehensive Care

Our Podiatric Residency Program teaches resident physicians to deliver comprehensive, ongoing care to patients of all ages. Residents are taught how a patient's individual needs, life experiences and expectations can impact one's health. The Podiatric Residency, a three-year program, serves a dual mission - top-notch resident education and service to our patients in a Christ-centered environment.

The Podiatric Residency Program trains new physicians while delivering health care to the medically under-served. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. A graduate from our program will be well-equipped for board certification in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Primary Medicine.

The Podiatric Clinic is located on campus and is the primary training areas for our residents. Outreach clinics, community service opportunities, and overseas mission work are expanded opportunities.

The Podiatric Residency Program will:

  • Provide a three-year accredited program to train and graduate qualified candidates for board certification in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Primary Medicine.
  • Residents will master the art of delivering comprehensive health care to patients of any age, gender, ethnicity, and stage of development, from conception to death.
  • Residents will fully recognize the family and societal interactions and dynamics which occur at various phases of the life cycle.
  • Provide training and a support system for graduates entering into areas of special needs including rural areas, inner cities, and missionary settings.
  • Promote programs and services which support the family unit and the dignity of human life, from the moment of conception, throughout life and death.
  • Establish community health care programs or provide links to community agencies which address health care needs of targeted groups while providing educational opportunities for our residents in training.
  • Populations served may include:
    • Poor, unemployed, inner city population, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals
    • Rural communities
    • Elderly
    • High-risk diabetic patients
  • Promote a collegial relationship between Podiatry Residents in training, established Primary Care Physicians, specialists, and sub-specialists in the community. This includes support for community practitioners, especially those in solo or rural situations.
  • Support and participate in continuing education programs developed by St. Vincent Medical Center for the medical staff and other health care professionals in our community.
  • Support clinical and educational projects in Podiatric Medicine. This includes support for programs offering patient education and health and wellness information.
  • Provide a Podiatric care setting to train Podiatry students and allied health professionals.

Benefits Offered to Residents in the Podiatry Residency Program

The Resident Trainee will be eligible for benefits on the same basis as all other full time exempt employees including group health, dental, life and long term disability insurance.

  • Meals. One meal ticket per day, 365 days per year.
  • Vacation and Leave. The Resident Trainee straight salary will be allowed for up to three (3) weeks of paid vacation per year during the term of this Agreement and for up to 13 weeks of leave as medically necessary. Approval for the timing of such vacation must be obtained from the Program Director. In the event vacation is not scheduled during the term of this Agreement, such vacation hours will be forfeited upon termination or expiration of this Agreement.
  • Professional Development Allowance of (as indicated below) to attend a continuing medical education course(s) of the Resident Trainee’s choice, for professional journals, for professional association dues and for CME travel as approved by the Program Director.
    • The first year resident will be allocated a total of One Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($1,000.00) for seminars and/or professional dues.
    • The second year resident will be allocated a total of Three Thousand Two Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($3,200.00) for seminars and/or professional dues.
    • The third year resident will be allocated a total of Three Thousand Two Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($3,200.00) for seminars and/or professional dues.
    • The Resident Trainee shall accept no fees for his or her services except as herein set forth and fees (if any) received by the Resident Trainee will be rendered to the St. Vincent.
    • Two (2) lab coats will be provided in the first year and one (1) each sequential year of the residency.

Find Out More

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about our program or to arrange an elective rotation.

Application for residency positions are made through CASPR. We participate in Central CRIP.

An invitation for an interview may be extended by the Program Director to a qualified applicant with:

  • GPA >3.0
  • Genuine interest in Podiatric Medicine
  • Genuine interest in training at St. Vincent Medical Center
  • Genuine interest and respect for under-served populations
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Letters of Recommendation (at least 3)

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