Spirituality in the Workplace

As a faith-based organization, we believe fostering a work environment that nurtures our associates’ individual spirituality is important in helping them find meaning, purpose and connection to the important work they do each day. We encourage our associates to nurture and grow in their own inner spirituality so that they can live from and share the beauty of this gift in their ministry as St. Mary’s associates.

What is Spirituality in the Workplace?

As part of Ascension Health, St. Mary’s defines Workplace Spirituality as:

  • Diverse - While we each share some universal spiritual experiences, there are personal experiences for each individual in a lifelong journey of becoming the person we are created by God to be. Our diversity provides a unique set of abilities which support our healing Mission.
  • Inclusive - "Spirituality" is distinguishable from "religion." We find that the workplace can benefit from the personal gifts that all associates bring from their religious and spiritual traditions and their unique personalities.
  • Relational - God interacts with us personally and continually in our daily lives. We do not "make ourselves whole" in isolation, by doing the right things, or by discovering the right "practices." Rather, we discover our wholeness in a community. We are called to serve by the community and we respond to that call.
  • Life-giving, soul-satisfying - We are vital and we live with purpose. We sense connection with a larger meaning. We find satisfaction in our work because in it we use our gifts and abilities. Contributing helps us discover and express who we are in this world. This is where the potential for creativity and passion reside. When we see our work as life-giving, we want others to experience their work that way.
  • Rooted in reality and truth - We bring our whole self to the workplace. While we have to be focused, we don't have to be fragmented. Ordinary experiences and events are the place of encounter with the Sacred. Spirituality does not imply "out of the ordinary," but rather leads us to be whole in the ordinary.
  • Discoverable - We don't need to go to a mountaintop to know our spirit. Our spirit is where we are right now. We live where action and contemplation meet, as we learn to become more aware in the present moment. This isn't solely a matter of intellectual learning. The deeper self can know without the mind constructing definitions or labels.
  • Effective in service - As we find meaning, satisfaction and a sense of calling, we are led toward faithful, passionate, excellent service. We are also led toward greater generosity in our work, because we discover its impact on others and ourselves. We accept further accountability for and become stewards of our ministry.

What are some ways we express our spirituality in the workplace?

  • We honor and respect the presence of God within ourselves and in each person we work with and serve.
  • We strive to treat others as God would want us to treat them.
  • We pause to pray before we begin our staff and department meetings.
  • We prayerfully reflect on our Mission and Values together.
  • We encourage associates to take time out to reflect together during Renewal Days.
  • We highlight and celebrate our Founders’ Days during the year.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate various religious holidays and seasons.
  • We encourage associates to use the Daily Reflections and Monthly Gathering Prayers sent via e-mail.
  • We respect and honor each person’s faith tradition and relationship with God.
  • We offer spiritual support through our Chaplain services.


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