Shadowing Contacts

Use the names and information below to contact the department where you would like to begin your career shadowing experience.

Clinical Contacts

Cardiac Rehab
Cardiac Rehab Student/Intern Coordinator: 812.485.5230

Dental Hygiene
Community Outreach Manager: 812.485.5814
Mobile Dental Clinic: 812.485.5070

Clinical Nutrition Services: 812.485.4097

Security Coordinator: 812.485.4191

Exercise Physiology
Healthy Lives Fitness Center: 812.485.4308

Pediatric Feeding Clinic
Operation Support Coordinator: 812.485.5292

HCAMPS (HealthCare Academy for Middle School Pupil’s Success)
Library Services Manager: 812.485.4221

Medical (IU Med Students)
Continuing Medical Education Coordinator: 812.485.4468

Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant Continuing Medical Education Coordinator: 812.485.4468

Nursing   Recruitment: Retention: & Recognition Coordinator: 812.812.485.5733

Occupational Therapy

Physical Medicine Coordinator: 812.485.4518

Pharmacy Clinical Manager: 812.485.2420
Inpatient Pharmacist: 812.485.4421

Physical Therapy
Physical Medicine Coordinator: 812.485.4518

Podiatry Residency
Podiatry Coordinator: 812.485.8390

Pediatric Psychology
Operation Support Coordinator: 812.485.5292

Radiologic Technology
Radiology Education Coordinator: 812.485.4091

Respiratory Care Director: 812.485.4827
Respiratory Care Administrative Assistant: 812.485.4257

Social Work
Director of Case Management: 812.485.4678

Speech Therapy
Physical Medicine Coordinator: 812.485.4518

Non-Clinical Contacts

Accounting/Business Administration/Health Administration/Human Resources/Marketing
Human Resources Manager: 812.485.7690

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Manager: 812.485.4270
Administrative Assistant: 812.485.4260


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