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St. Vincent Social Media Disclaimer

We appreciate your taking the time to visit this page and interact with us on social media. St. Vincent sees social media, i.e. Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. as vital tools to share events, screenings, health tips and to interact with the community. While we have the utmost respect for the diversity of views and opinions in our community, we feel that the important health information we share through our social media tools would get lost if we allow our social media platforms to be used as forums for debate. By posting to our social media sites, you agree to abide by the points we list below.

St. Vincent is committed to creating a community that encourages self-expression and mirrors the values of St. Vincent, including respect for the rights, dignity, and property of others. We ask that all participants do their part to help us achieve this goal. In doing that, we ask you to please keep these points in mind when posting to our social media sites:

Post messages that are respectful of other individuals.
Share your experience, not your advice. Do not provide medical advice - we'll leave that to our medical experts.
Seek professional help when in crisis. Our social media sites are not intended for crisis support and if you are in crisis, please get professional assistance for the care that you need.
Use caution and common sense. Remember you should not share personal identifying information online. Please do not share personal information about you or your family.
Be respectful. Discriminatory comments are not permitted. St. Vincent disclaims all liability related to third party content posted to its social media site. Comments of a discriminatory, libelous or inflammatory nature, or that create privacy concerns will be removed.
Please do not post messages that reference a third party website or blog, or is self promoting spam.
No advertising or solicitation of any kind for yourself or your business.
Please be respectful of the privacy of patients, families and staff by not using names when posting comments or providing any identifying details. You are responsible if you post any private details about yourself or your family.
Do not impersonate, falsely represent, or otherwise misrepresent yourself or post content that violates any copyright laws.
If you have any concerns about the care you received at St. Vincent, our Patient Advocate is at your service. The purpose of her job is to represent and help patients and families through advocacy and problem solving, both during and after a visit or stay. She is also available to help you understand some of your rights and hospital policies and procedures. She makes sure that patient and family feedback (positive or negative) is heard by the hospital and used to ensure that your St. Vincent Experience is the best possible. For more information about our patient advocate, please call 812.485.4914.

We reserve the right to remove from our social media platforms any content or block users that violate our community guidelines, or that we determine are otherwise offensive to our community. All content must also comply with the social media platform's policies as well.


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